German train ticket cash receipt (13 June 2013)

Sabine Reinecke
Jeßnitz (Anh), Germany
Lat/Long: 51° 41’ 0” N, 12° 18’ 0” E
June 13, 2013


A simple receipt [for] a train ticket (one way) which I purchased at an automat in the small town of Jessnitz (ANH) in Germany when going back to Freiburg after I had  helped my mom with the flooded house. The noticeable thing (“sinking”) is that a day or two before the train station was still closed because of the severe flooding of the town (second time since 2002). I do have an online ticket (for 4th of June) as well for the way to the town. It was purchased by my boyfriend, though, on the 3rd of June just when the flooding had started and when it was clear that we would go home to help out my mom who had just informed me that my parents’ house was hit. We could not reach the town of Jessnitz by train on the 4th and only reached the neighbouring city on the 5th.


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  • Posted: 06 September 2013
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